Station Area Issues

Cedar Riverside LRT stationThe Central Corridor Light Rail Station now under construction in Cedar Riverside will bring both positive and negative changes to the neighborhood. Read the stories from other communities to learn about frequent displacement of low-income and minority communities after an LRT station is built. If we identify the things we value about our community we can work together to preserve them before it’s too late.

View a video about the station area issues.

We demonstrated our ability to successfully organize the community by challenging the proposed location of the Central Corridor station. The original plans sited the West Bank station at Blegen Hall, deep within the University of Minnesota campus. In April 2007 a large neighborhood meeting was held where community leaders made the case for moving the station to Cedar Avenue in order to serve neighborhood residents and business. After several meetings between the Metropolitan Council and Cedar Riverside leaders the location was changed to connect directly to Cedar Avenue and 19th Avenue.

Here’s a simulation of what the new light rail station will look when it’s completed:

We are interested in hearing from Cedar Riverside community members about what you want to preserve. Please leave your comments.

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Cedar Riverside neighbors plan for Central Corridor station